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Sveti Vlas - a combination of beautiful landscapes, healing air and desired relax!
1. Healing air in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas differs from all other resorts on the Black Sea coast. "Green" Balkan mountain and sea climates meet in Sveti Vlas and make its air healing and refreshing. Over Sveti Vlas 3 air streams meet and create a unique natural phenomenon which purifies the air. Sveti Vlas is known for its healing air that is a crucial factor in the treatment of lung diseases. The resort attracts people from all over the world, suffering from such type of diseases. In Sveti Vlas tourists enjoy their holiday while taking care of their health.
Visit Sveti Vlas, breath deeply and feel the charm of the Black Sea!
Sveti Vlas Venera entertainment
2. Beaches in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is a resort with natural riviera and with long beach line. Its south exposure is rare for Bulgaria and makes it more and more attractive for tourists. The beaches are sandy, clean, wide and with slopy entry. Beaches cover the whole length of Sveti Vlas. The largest beach is Central beach, which is 16 meters wide in average.
Clean sea water, fine golden sand and sun rays playing friendly with Your skin will make You enjoy life even more. Visit Sv. Vlas and feel the charm of Black Sea!
hotel Venera Sveti Vlas beach
3. Churches in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas has a long history of more than 20 centuries. Its history has always been related to its churches. Sveti Vlas has 2 main churches – old and new one. The old one “Saint Atanasiy” has been built in 1864 and was known as one of the most beautiful in the region. Next to it there is a charming chapel “Saint Vlasiy”, named after the patron saint Saint Vlasiy. The church and the chapel are located in the old part of Sveti Vlas.
The new church “Saint Vlasiy”, located in the new part of Sv. Vlas, has been built in 2010 in modern Christian style. It is a big attraction for all pilgrim tourists.
Sveti Vlas church
4. Entertainment in Sveti Vlas

Active Holidays is the only way to deal with stress and strenuous work.
Even if you are not keen swimmers, Sveti Vlas offer a huge variety of entertainments and sports facilities for making your vacation exciting. Surfing, scooter riding, waterskiing, extreme water sports, diving, fishing, beach volleyball and tennis are just some of the many entertainments during the day.
Sveti Vlas is a favourite resort for many tourists. Have an evening walk and try authentic Bulgarian food and drinks in domestic pubs, pizzerias or restaurants with authentic home. The intensive nightlife and exotic bars are a guarantee for unforgettable moments and positive emotions in Sveti Vlas.
Sveti Vlas Yacht Port
5. Living in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is often called the New Pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Over the past two decades the resort changed its appearance radically, especially in terms of infrastructure, but it still manages to retain the charm of a small seaside town. More and more people come to spent the whole year here.
It has a very favorable climate because of the combination of mountain and sea. Typical for the summer days are the pleasant mornings and relative cool afternoons with a cooling breeze. Due to the refreshing breeze, the number of sunny days per year are about 240-260. Sveti Vlas – a place worth visiting!
Sveti Vlas Center
Do you know that …
Sveti Vlas - a combination of beautiful landscapes, healing air and desired relax!
6. Nesseber - 2600 years of history

Next to Saint Vlas is located the town of Nessebar. Although it’s not one of the largest towns in Bulgaria, Nessebar is a favorite sightseeing destination for many people.
With its 3 millenians history Nessebar is the oldest town in Europe. In 6 century B.C. the town became a greek colony. Most of its valuable monuments date from the Hellenistic period. Nessebar is one of the biggest treasures and prouds of Bulgaria and 1956 is declared and recognized by UNESCO as a museum city.
Ancient Nesseber
7. 41 churches in Nesseber

Here you will have the opportunity to indulge in many historical periods. Sightseeing the remarkable architectural monuments such as remnants of fortress walls from Roman times and the Middle Ages, old Byzantine and Bulgarian churches, antique 18th and 19th century houses is a must.
This small town has the remarkable number of 41 churches. During the centuries, it was a matter of pride and status to prove that you are a real Christian and to have your own church. Interesting, isn't it?
Night Nesseber
8. Fish restaurants in Nesseber

Besides the beautiful and interesting temples, the symbol of the city is the famous windmill situated between the old and new part of Nessebar. Other landmarks are the Turkish bath and the cobbled streets around the old part of the town, which are an attractive place for romantic walks.
Take a walk for an hour or two, enjoy the beautiful sea views, but do not forget to visit a restaurant or two in Nesseber. They are famous for their fish special meals. It is worth trying!
Night Nesseber
9. Sunny beach - the biggest resort on the Balkans

Sunny Beach is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. It is next to Nesseber and Sveti Vlas.
Its capacity is huge. There are more than 300 hotels. Its beaches are famous all over Bulgaria. The sand is white and sandy. Even though that the resort is all summer long very crowdy, it is worth visiting for a day. There you can find all sorts of water entertainments - surfing, scooter riding, waterskiing, extreme water sports, diving, fishing and, beach volleyball.
Sunny Beach Beach
10. Night live in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the biggest resort in Bulgaria and the most popular for intensive night live. There you can find a lot of pubs, bars, restaurants and discos.
If you are admirer of night live – go there for the evening, but do not stay there longer. Unfortunately, the resort is too loud and is not suitable for relax, comfort and quiteness.
Our advice – have an intense and party evening or night in Sunny Beach, but come back to Sveti Vlas to enjoy your pleasant relaxing holiday!
sunny beach entertainment
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